Don’t ignore a notice from the Texas Attorney General By Angela Oaks

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on 06 April 2016
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When you receive a notice from the Texas Attorney General’s office, do not ignore it and assume it will go away.


Failure to respond and assert your rights can result in thousands of dollars in child support, medical support, and interest which will cause you problems down the road.

A prime example is my client who ignored all communication from the Attorney General’s office for 6 years, and when he tried to renew his passport he found that he could not because he owed $102,000.00 in back child support.  Ouch! 

By not responding when he was contacted (and served) by the Texas Attorney General’s office, Dad failed to give the Attorney General true numbers regarding his income, and they were able to assign child support at the maximum level. Then they assigned child support arrearages, also at the maximum, and finally they tacked on medical support, past due medical support and interest, totaling over One Hundred Thousand Dollars.   

Even if you do not need a passport, know this: the Texas Attorney General can attach your Federal tax refund and your social security benefits if you have arrearages over $2,500.

Ultimately we were able to reduce Dad’s child support obligation – both past and current – but it took months of legal work and several court appearances, all of which could have been avoided if Dad had simply appeared in court 6 years ago.   And a reduction of past due child support is not the typical result; we got really lucky that Mom was willing to negotiate with us. 

For information specific to your case, talk to a family lawyer: they can help you formulate a plan action appropriate to your situation.  

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