Mississippi HB 1523 By Angela Oaks

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on 18 April 2016
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On April 5, 2016, Mississippi governor Phil Bryant signed HB1523, an anti-GLBTi bill that invites a broad range of individuals, private businesses, and medical and social services agencies to discriminate based on religious beliefs about marriage, non-marital sexual relationships, and conformity with gender stereotypes.

A colleague who lives in Mississippi wrote the message below, following the passage of HB 1523 –  my thoughts and positive energy go out to those fighting the good fight – we are behind you!

“I watched with horror as HB 1523 was signed by our governor to become law July 1. 2016.  I have also watched as the mayors of every major city in Mississippi, and LOTS of the smaller cities, as well, have stood up to say that this is not okay.

We held a rally outside the Coast Coliseum last Friday and people saw the signs, stopped, and joined the rally.  We held a post-rally "Hell No We Won't Go" get together at Mosaic Tapas Bar in Ocean Springs and the restaurant, completely unprepared for the numbers, went out of its way to make sure we knew we were welcome.  People walking down the street stopped to join us.”