FAQ # 8 - about Social Security Disability - Salvador Benavidez

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on 02 June 2016
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What does Social Security count as income?  

For purposes of SSI (Supplemental Security Income) income includes cash, checks and other items that you get that can be used for food or shelter; for example:

  1. Wages from your job, whether in cash or another form;
  2. Ncet earnings from your business if you are self-employed;
  3. The value of food or shelter that someone give you;
  4. Dept. of VA benefits;
  5. Railroad retirement and railroad unemployment benefits;
  6. Annuities, pensions from any government or private source, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance benefits, black lung benefits and Social Security Benefits;
  7. Prizes, settlements and awards, including court-ordered awards;
  8. Proceeds of life insurance policies;
  9. Gifts and contributions;
  10. Support and alimony payments;
  11. Inheritances
  12. Rental income;
  13. Strike pay and other benefits from unions.

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