We are activists - By Chris M. Ervin

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on 07 July 2016
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I am the newest attorney at the firm. I guess when you are the newest member of any team it can take some time to understand the culture of that team.  It seems that whenever anyone feels lost, the first thing they do is look at their compass.  

Even being at the office for a very short time, I have found that the compass of our firm is its founding partner, Phillis Frye. 

We recently have been discussing the firm’s Core Purpose and Core Values.  I discussed this with Phillis, and the one thing that stuck with me was when she stated, “We are activists.”  An activist is an especially active, vigorous advocate of a cause, especially for some kind of social change.

The Firm’s core purpose is “Elevation of the GLBTI community and their supportive allies.”  Also, one of our core values is to only take business that is supportive of our core purpose – the elevation of GLBTI community and supportive allies.

We not only take business that is supportive of our core purpose, we are also a full service firm that serves the GLBTI community and supportive allies including their family, friends, and supporters.  What that means is that we have that ability to handle most legal issues with one or several of our attorneys.  We can handle a client’s legal issues from birth to death, and everything in between.  Whether you are calling for yourself or for a friend or relative, we have the professionalism and experience to be a vigorous advocate for their issue, large or small.  Call to schedule a consultation today.

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