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on 06 December 2016
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Some clients would like a jury to make the decisions in their family law trial. But jury trials are not always an option family law cases, and generally, a judge decides the issues.  This is because the Texas Family Code limits the issues that a jury can hear.

A jury may hear:

·         * Whether a common-law marriage exists

·         * Fault in the breakup of the marriage 

·         * Attorney’s fees

·         * Which parent will be appointed sole managing conservator, joint managing conservator, or possessory conservator

·         * Which joint managing conservator has the exclusive right to designate a child’s primary residence

·         geographic restriction

·         * Termination of parental rights

·         * Whether property is separate property or community property

·         * The value of property

·         reimbursement claims


A jury may not decide the following issues:

·         * Visitation schedule

·        *  Child support

·         * Parental rights and duties

·         * Division of community property

·         * Spousal maintenance 

·        *  Adoption

·        *  Paternity

·         * Enforcement of a prior order

 A family lawyer can help you decide if a jury trial is right – or even an option - for your case. 

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