The "Holiday Gift Package of Estate Planning for Small Business Owners" blog post by Daniel L. O'Neil

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on 23 November 2015
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I am a member of BNI Houston West’s Memorial chapter – your preferred Estate Planning lawyer referral partner in the Memorial area, of course.

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Every Wednesday morning bright and early at 7am in the Maggiano’s off Post Oak I sit in a large room surrounded by successful local small business owners. Every week I learn something new about the business owner themselves, their business, or their valued employees that helped make their business as successful as it is.

So I got the idea that one thing every successful small business owner had in common was that they always had many people to thank for their help in growing the business – such as their hard-working employees. And we all know how hard it is to find a way to give a meaningful holiday gift to give to thank good people for their dedicated service.

I know that small business owners often think of their employees as family. While estate planning is often a difficult topic to approach even with our family members, having a valid Texas Will is a really important document for people to have to ensure that their loved friends, family, and charitable organizations they leave behind are provided for in the ways that they see fit – in ways that the State of Texas’s intestate succession will not actually carry out, if they pass without a valid Texas Will. Additionally, the loved ones that they leave behind then become mired in legal difficulties that could have been prevented with a valid Texas Will.

Small business owners intent on providing a meaningful, and very important service for their cherished employees as a “thank you gift” for their hard work now have more options than just another “#1 Employee!” coffee mug bulk purchase out of a catalog – they can give the gift of facilitating estate planning services, which will give their values employees peace of mind and one less thing to worry about outside of work.

The estate planning package includes the Will along with all of the disability planning documents such as the Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, and other necessary documents to put the employee and their family at ease with the peace of mind an estate planning package provides them.

Just like purchasing an annual gym membership for employees, the estate planning package is part of the cutting edge trend of modern small business owners providing “quality of life” incentives to their most valued employees.

To stay competitive in this market: business owners need to attract and retain the best employees possible. To help retain those workers it is a sensible investment to take care of your good employees when they are away from work. That way they show up to work every day eager and excited to be a part of such a dynamic, modern company that protects them and their family away from work, and values the work they do when they are on the clock during business hours.

Just as an important note, the small business owner has no legal authority or ability to intervene in the consultations, legal advice, or drafting of the documents for the individual employees. The attorney-client privilege and relationship is between me, the estate planning attorney at Frye, Oaks, and Benavidez PLLC, and each individual employee you gifted the estate planning package. The small business owner simply picks up the tab for the estate planning gift package, which are bundled together and offered at a very competitive and well-below-market-price per employee.

Rather than another coffee mug or other disposable bought off of the shelves, this holiday season consider joining with one of the other Texan small business owners that are giving their employees the gift of estate planning, family wealth preservation, and making the eventual Probate process as simple, stress-free, and cheap as possible with a valid Texas Will drafted by a Texas attorney here with a brick and mortar office in the State of Texas. A coffee mug only lasts for so long. But a valid Texas Will lasts a person their lifetime and even helps that person’s family in the difficult times after they pass.

Happy Thanksgiving, if this is a holiday that you celebrate; or if not, then have a pleasant and peaceful end of November.

When you think about your estate planning needs and the estate planning needs of those closest to you (whether they are family or employees you treat like family) over the holiday, you should think about what we can do to help you with those needs here at Frye, Oaks, and Benavidez PLLC. We’re here to help the American worker with all of their lifetime legal needs to protect their family; no matter what their family unit looks like.

From our families … your family and the families of your valued employees this holiday season.


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